Mia Elysia


Independent Escort Bonn and Cologne

Do you want to feel that excitement again, like on a first date? Like putting on your favourite perfume? Thinking about what to wear tonight?

Do you want to lose yourself in the eyes of your company, with the first sip of your drink fathom the desire?

Do you want to be comfortable, want to flourish, forget your duties and your everyday life, to live the carelessness of two lovers, intimately and full of devotion? 

Let us laughingly raid the minibar and savour the moments intoxicated with sensuality…

About me

I exude lust for life and love of adventure. You can wow me and should savour me. Utterly discreet, I am authentic, distinctive, passionate and imaginative – walking the tight rope between acuteness and giddiness.


My recommendations 

With Bonn as my homebase, I, Mia Elysia Escort, will of course visit you in DüsseldorfKöln or Frankfurt. Gladly also in dreamy Bad Neuenahr. However it is not always easy to find a good hotel, the best activities or current events. Thus I will introduce hotels and restaurants to you, where discretion and service are highly valued. Also I will present places of interest you just don’t want to miss out on.

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