Mia Elysia
-Independent Escort-

Would you like to feel the excitement of a first date again
and at the same time free yourself from the limits of everyday life?

Would you like to lose yourself in the eyes of the other person right from the first drink,
in the ambiguity of his gestures and desire – and sense a hint of danger?

I, your bringer of joy, come in many guises,
play countless roles, supple in body and mind.

As Natalie Barney says:
virtue is usually the desire for stronger seduction


About me

Which wishes may I grant you?

Girlfriend erotic

Girlfriend erotic

Like lovers do…


Coming soon

Coming soon

Soon I will give you more
wishes can be fulfilled.

Mia Eylsia - Citation

Please don’t tip-toe
Come close, let’s flow
Anchor in me, and get lost at sea
The world’s your oyster and I am the pearl
Open waters
Sink into me slowly
So baby, come and take a swim with me
Make me ripple ’til I’m wavy
Don’t be scared to dive in deep
And start a tsunami


Mia Elysia - Insights left
Mia Elysia - Insights center
Mia Elysia - Insights right

Where do we meet?


A guest in the financial metropolis?

Follow me…


A guest in my
chosen home?

Follow me…


A guest in the famous cathedral city?

Follow me…


A guest in the fashion metropolis of the West?

Follow me…
Be my lover