Duo Date

May 4, 2017

For me, sex with a woman is incredibly sensual …
the silky skin,
full breasts and soft lips paired with a demanding tongue. However, when I’m affectionate with men, I enjoy the rougher skin and the slightly scratchy beard. A threesome with two women is always the highlight of the month for me. About the cohabitation between man and
Woman has already been written so much that I would like to report on that one day
what excites and captivates me so incredibly about female sex.

A moment from my last duo date …

I took the lead and she just had to be at first
let go. I dragged her onto the bed, kissed her on the soft, plump
Lips and in her delicate neck … I slowly took off her shirt and
kissed her full breasts gently, massaging them lightly and then
certain. Then I unbuttoned her pants and kissed hers
downy pubic mound.


After ecstatically digging her hands into the blanket, she pulled
me upstairs and kissed me on my still very wet lips.
She playfully bit my lower lip and looked at me
devious deep into the eyes … Lara grabbed my butt firmly
and pulled me up even further. This time touched my lower abdomen
her lips and a moan escaped me …

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