What are the advantages of an independent escort lady?

As an independent escort, I guarantee you 100 percent discretion, regardless of whether you have only signed up for the newsletter or we have discussed a date. My offered secrets and my texts were not dictated to me by anyone and arise solely from my lustful imagination and inclination and thus reflect me authentically as a person.

In addition, while planning the date, you will already be able to experience my lively manner and my humorous streak.

Where can I meet you?

I am an independent escort in Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Bonn for a reason. You can meet me practically anywhere – provided there is a nice hotel nearby.

Be inspired by my city tips for Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Bonn .

Deposit and cancellation

Unfortunately, it can always happen that the meeting between the two of us has to be postponed. Of course, it is most convenient for both parties to know this as early as possible. If you have already paid a deposit, I will of course keep it for you and offset it on the next date within the next 6 months. If you have to cancel the day before or on the same day, I’ll be happy to receive vouchers from Amazon or Studio Pia so that I can sweeten the evening with other things.

Prepare for the date

I start preparing for our date a few days beforehand; I’ll see if I have a nice massage oil, the toys you want and a suitable outfit. So I have enough time to get something to make our time unforgettable. On the day itself, I get ready for you, have a fresh shower and shave thoroughly. I find this diligence particularly attractive in a gentleman too.

I would like to bring you a little something - what can I particularly inspire you with?

Surely you are already wrapping me around your finger with your well-groomed and courteous manner – but if there is also something else, I have put together a list of little things that will certainly take my breath away as a present …

Termination of the date

Should it unexpectedly happen on the date that despite our mutual efforts, the mood may not really arise, we can both of course cancel the date at any time. Please note that this should be decided before we both get intimate, otherwise I will have to calculate the fee that has become due so far. To avoid such unpleasant situations, I prefer to start the date with a drink at the bar.

The consumption of hard drugs as well as the attempt of intimacy without protection lead to the immediate termination of the date on my part and the withholding of the fee.

Sharing is caring

I am happy to share my attention with you and your partner, several gentlemen or a valued colleague. For the additional attention I charge +50 percent of my fee for couples and the normal rate for friends I know. You can find recommendations for this under Duo Dates.

For dates with several gentlemen, everyone honors my time with the full rate.

Do we really need to sleep?

Certainly I could go on like this all night … unfortunately, normal life is waiting for me the next day. So allow me to get at least 6 hours of sleep so that I can greet you in the morning relaxed and beaming. As a thank you, the fee for overnights is correspondingly lower...


Any contact with you will of course be treated with absolute discretion.


You do not have an agency as an intermediary and you communicate directly with me as an independent escort lady.

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