Before you contact me, please read these questions. A lot of ambigu­i­ties can be elimi­nated here and your thirst for knowl­edge can be quenched.

What are the advan­tages of an indepen­dent escort lady?

As an indepen­dent escort, I guaran­tee you 100 percent discre­tion, regard­less of whether you have only signed up for the newslet­ter or we have discussed a date. My offered secrets and my texts were not dictated to me by anyone and arise solely from my lustful imagi­na­tion and incli­na­tion and thus reflect me authen­ti­cally as a person. 

In addition, while planning the date, you will already be able to experi­ence my lively manner and my humor­ous streak.

Where can I meet you?

It is not without reason that I am an indepen­dent escort in Cologne, Bonn, Düssel­dorf, Frank­furt and Hamburg. You can meet me practi­cally anywhere — provided there is a nice hotel.

In my home base Cologne / Bonn you can meet me from 3h booking time, to Düssel­dorf and Frank­furt I travel with travel costs from 4h booking time. For further journeys, please coordi­nate with me. 

Be inspired by my city tips for Cologne, Frank­furt, Düssel­dorf and Bonn .


For new customers and arrivals outside my home base Cologne/Bonn, I take a deposit of at least 200€, for longer bookings a deposit of 30% is required. In order to make it as conve­nient as possi­ble for you, I offer several options for down payment:

Please note that I will only accept your request after receipt of the deposit.

Cancel­la­tion of the date

Unfor­tu­nately, it can always happen that the meeting between the two of us has to be postponed. Of course, it is most conve­nient for both parties to know this as early as possi­ble. If you have already paid a deposit and I am prevented, I will of course keep it for you and offset it on the next date or refund it directly. Please note that dates you cancel must be made up for within 6 months, other­wise the deposit will be forfeited.

If you have to cancel in the last 24 hours (48 hours for longer dates), I will unfor­tu­nately no longer find a replace­ment for the canceled evening. If we move the evening to another fixed day, I’ll keep your deposit in a safe place. If you have to cancel very sponta­neously without an alter­na­tive date, I will keep the deposit as an expense allowance. Please under­stand that I have often already booked a dog sitter and reserve the evening exclu­sively for you.

Prepa­ra­tions for an indepen­dent escort date

I start prepar­ing for our date a few days in advance, get a nice massage oil, have the toy you want and a suitable outfit ready. So I have enough time to get something to make our time unfor­get­table. On the day itself, I get ready for you, have a fresh shower and shave thoroughly. I find this diligence partic­u­larly attrac­tive in a gentleman.

Please also read my fella­tio blog about proper hygiene in preparation.

I would like to bring you a little something — what can I partic­u­larly inspire you with?

Surely you are already wrapping me around your finger with your well-groomed and courte­ous manner — but if there is also something else, I have put together a list of little things that will certainly take my breath away as a present …

Termi­na­tion of the date

Should it unexpect­edly happen on the date that, despite our efforts on both sides, there is not really a good atmos­phere, we can of course both break off the date. Please note that this should be decided before we both get intimate, other­wise I will have to calcu­late the fee that has become due so far. To avoid such unpleas­ant situa­tions, I prefer to start the date with a drink at the bar.

The consump­tion of hard drugs as well as the attempt of intimacy without protec­tion lead to the immedi­ate termi­na­tion of the date on my part and the withhold­ing of the fee. 

Sharing is caring
I am happy to share my atten­tion with you and your partner, with several gentle­men or with a valued escort colleague. For the additional atten­tion I charge +50 percent of my fee for couples and the normal rate for friends I know. You can find recom­men­da­tions for this under Duo Dates.For dates with several gentle­men, every­one rewards my time with the full rate.
Do we really need to sleep?

Sure we could both go on like this all night… unfor­tu­nately normal life awaits me the next day. So allow me to get at least 6 hours of sleep so that I can greet you in the morning relaxed and beaming. As a thank you, the fee for overnights is corre­spond­ingly lower...

How to be a Good Client

In this blog I explain the basics and what I want from you. Please read in!


Any contact with you will of course be treated with absolute discretion.


You do not have an agency as an inter­me­di­ary and you commu­ni­cate directly with me as an indepen­dent escort lady.