Mia in your city

I mainly offer my service in Bonn, Köln and Düssel­dorf. But you can also experi­ence me up close in your city. So there are no travel expenses! You should let me have a hotel room for the night for shorter bookings.

I would like to be able to offer you even more in the fetish area in the future, so I will now regularly attend seminars on BDSM. If you are inter­ested in deepen­ing this area together, I look forward to your inquiry.

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Mia Elysia Independent Escort Fetish Maid

I’m in Berlin

My Berlin tour starts on April 26th. — 1.5.
(no more dates available)

You can invite me to the strik­ing technique course (Kurs Schlagtech­nik) in LUX Studio on April 23rd or the Pain Play course (Pain Play Kurs) on April 24th. Since I would arrive 3 days earlier for this, the booking would have to include at least 12 hours.

Frank­furt to Freiburg area

Another possi­bil­ity to meet me is mid-May in the area between Frank­furt and Freiburg. 

These cities come into question for my little south­ern Germany tour:

  • Stuttgart
  • Freiburg
  • Straßburg
  • Heidel­berg
  • Karlsruhe

No travel expenses will be charged, but you should provide me with a hotel room for the night for shorter bookings. ❤️

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