Mia’s Duo Dates

Angel Irina the exciting Girl

What connects me and Irina? I could talk about it for days and would only come close to the truth.
Irina is a real whirlwind, incredibly active, full of crazy ideas – and a real business lady …
As if that wasn’t enough, she shares my great love for her animals and prefers to spend her days frolic with her three dogs than in the nail salon.
What we unfortunately don’t have in common are the infinitely long legs, which make them an absolute dream in evening dresses and which, together with their esprit, rightly give her the title of high class lady.

A princess who prefers to ride wildly through the woods than to acidify in the tower. That is her. That and much more. That is her. That and much more.


2 h 1.450 €

3 h 1.750 €

4 h 2.050 €

6 h 2.750 €

Angel Irina Escort Duo
Angel Irina Escort Duo
Irina le Fey on the bed
Mia Elysia und Irina le fey

Would you like to know more about them and find out how perfectly we harmonize with you?

Take a look at her Website.

Angel Helena – the tough one

Helena – the beautiful … no, that would be too one-dimensional and would not do justice to her multifaceted nature.
Helena is much more captivating with her natural manner, unpretentious and completely at peace with herself. Not easy in a world in which a lady is expected to have champagne rosé rather than beer, high heels instead of chucks and a fake smile instead of an unpainted face with genuine interest.

With Helena I would steal horses – or more realistically: drinking games and video games until late at night and waking up next to her in the morning. Totally hungover, but perfectly happy to have her in my life.


2 h 1.050 €

3 h 1.250 €

4 h 1.500 €

6 h 2.000 €

HelenaL in bathtub
Helena Hetaira Escort Duo

Would you like to know more about her and find out how perfect the menage-à-trois between us can be?

Take a look at her Website.

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