Would you like to spend the night by the side of a big cat … and risk a scratch?

You know the common types of games, but this time you just want MORE?

Get out of everyday life, leave everything you know behind you. Debauchery, unleashed lust …

Tie me up like I tied you up from day one?

Or lose control completely?

You can’t see anything through the mask, your sense of smell sharpens … Warm, pleasantly scented oil flows over your excited body …

You feel different stimuli on your skin, rough and silky, glowing and icy, you inevitably get goose bumps … I quickly soothe the sweet pain of the hot drops of wax with teasing kisses.

We enter the club … You still feel insecure in your clothes, but when you feel the looks that rest on me and my tight latex dress, a proud smile flits over your lips. On this evening I am only there with you and for you.

For the others: just look, don’t touch. At least until we change our mind …

Danger- if you try to avoid it, it has already defeated you!

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