Mia Elysia Escort Dinner 28.6. Bonn

An evening with lots of flirt­ing in an exclu­sive setting

The Mia Elysia Dinner

The Mia Elysia will take place for the 3rd time on Friday, June 28th and is now well known to every­one in the indus­try. As we already have 20 regis­tra­tions from gentle­men, Eve (Plescort) and I have decided to organize a kind of summer party to which inter­ested gentle­men without booking experi­ence are also invited.

The future dinners of the year will then be a little more “exclu­sive” and closed again.
If you don’t know what it’s all about, read the infor­ma­tion on my website below about the last dinner and see if this frivo­lous way of going out appeals to you.

I look forward to seeing many new but also famil­iar faces!

Admis­sion to the summer dinner will cost €350 — for this we have the best food of all previ­ous dinners and a large outdoor area to enjoy the balmy summer evening with Aperol and champagne.

Another new feature is early entry from 7 p.m. to give guests more time to get to know each other before the 3‑course menu starts at around 8 p.m. The dinner ends at around 11 p.m. and offers the partic­i­pants the oppor­tu­nity to continue social­iz­ing, have one or more night­caps or disap­pear into the night with one or more ladies…

Who will be there (so far)?

Look forward to these enchant­ing ladies confirmed so far:

Infos allge­mein Mia Elysia Dinner

The partic­i­pat­ing gentle­men have the oppor­tu­nity to spend an evening with lots of flirt­ing in this exclu­sive group.

As if we ladies weren’t enter­tain­ment enough, there will be more oppor­tu­ni­ties to have fun, just like the last few times.

  1. Of course, food and drink will also be provided:
  • Recep­tion with crémant and oeu d’oeuvre
  • Appetizer platters
  • Main course from preselection
  • Desserts
  • and drinks (champagne is charged separately)

The costs for this sinful evening are 350 Euro per guest.

Your regis­tra­tion will be confirmed with a deposit of 200 euros to my discreet event account. You can cancel your partic­i­pa­tion free of charge up to 3 weeks in advance.

Finally, it should be empha­sized that discre­tion is our top prior­ity. This ensures that not just anyone can take and distrib­ute photos. There will also be a separate, anony­mous entrance.

The location is only booked for our party.

Dates for the night can be requested in advance, during the dinner or after­wards with the respec­tive lady.

There will also be a symbol that identi­fies both men and women as still searching 😉

For the night I recom­mend the Kameha Grand Hotel Bonn (approx. 10 minutes away by cab)

Condi­tions of participation:

A regis­tra­tion and short intro­duc­tion of yourself by e‑mail to one of us

A deposit of 200€ to my event account or as a voucher (Honey Birdette, Agent Provo­ca­teur, Bordelle) with one of us

The ladies’ fees for the time after the dinner are NOT included in the ticket price

I do not accept requests for the ladies

Agency ladies are requested via their agency

You can also find infor­ma­tion about the dinner from Tom Maas at Abenteuer-Escort!

We look forward to seeing you!

*Do you know a lady with her own website/agency website and social media who would fit in partic­u­larly well with this illus­tri­ous group? Ask her if she would like to take part — please send appli­ca­tions to mia@me-escort.de
Agency ladies: Please obtain permis­sion from your agency manage­ment first. 

“I am truly eternally grate­ful that I was able to experi­ence the event of the year. I definitely can’t remem­ber the last time I was in a room with so many wonder­ful people. I hope there will be many more repeti­tions.
Thank you, @mia_elysia and all of you who made this possible.”

󠀢“Dear Mia,
Thank you so much for the brilliant evening that you organized with your team and the other ladies. 💗💗💗 Please be sure to repeat. Really all great — super organi­za­tion, delicious food and well-balanced drinks, brilliant ambience and above all great ladies.
Kind regards from a still flashed Jürgen 🥰🥰🥰”

“People keep asking how long I’m staying in Germany. If I keep having experi­ences like last night, possi­bly forever! 😂

Had a BLAST at @mia_elysia’s party yester­day and anyone who could­n’t make it missed out!! What an incred­i­ble group of people, thank you to everyone!! 🥹🥹🥰🥰”

Mia Elysia Dinner

Mia Elysia Dinner FAQs

For the few gentle­men who are still unsure whether the dinner is right for them, we have put together a few more regular questions.
General infor­ma­tion can of course still be found further down on the dinner page.


Why do more men than women take part?

As the men pay for the ladies’ meals, we naturally need a little more men than women. Besides, 13 head-turners should be more than enough to keep you gushing.


Why Bonn and not Frank­furt or Berlin?

The point here is clearly the budget.

Frank­furt is not exactly known for its low prices, so a location here can easily cost twice as much as what I get from contacts in Bonn.
Anyone who knows me should know how impor­tant quality is to me. It would there­fore never be an option to rent a shabby location just to hold a dinner in Frankfurt.

Gentle­men, if you really want it to take place somewhere else, then you should be aware that the entrance fee will proba­bly cost €400.


Do age or appear­ance play a role and
do I need to have experi­ence as a booker?

Of course we don’t love the nice gentle­man next door and attach the great­est impor­tance to treat­ing each other with respect.
The dinner is the perfect intro­duc­tion if you are a little unsure or have been toying with the idea of booking an escort lady for a while.

Will there be sexual inter­ac­tions during the dinner?

A very clear no!
We all want to spend a nice evening together and making out wildly with the lady of our hearts could scare off shy gentle­men. The main purpose of the evening is to get to know each other and to give the ladies the oppor­tu­nity to talk to several men. Please don’t forget that the location is a restau­rant, albeit booked exclu­sively for us, and that we might want to come back 😉

If you wish, you can book one of the ladies in advance for the hours after dinner.
(Pssst… there are still 3 ladies without a date!)

Hello my dears,

The date remains 23.2.!

So many great ladies have confirmed this date that I could­n’t possi­bly say no.

Now all you have to do is say YES!

There is another innova­tion: due to the diffi­cult economic situa­tion for many, we have reduced the admis­sion price.

The strip­per in the cake will just have to wait until next time tongue-out

After the huge success in Novem­ber, there will now be a repeat in February!!!

To counter­act the cold Febru­ary, Mia Elysia’s hot dinner will take place in Bonn on Febru­ary 23, 2024!

The event starts at 19:30 — the exact address will only be announced to the partic­i­pants, but you can look forward to an even better location than last time.

Mia Elysia Independent Escort Irina le Fey
Mia Elysia Independent Escort Irina le Fey