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Do you want to feel that excite­ment again before a first date and free yourself at the same time?
from the limits of every­day life?
Get involved with me on an indepen­dent escort date in Cologne and I will take you into a world full of light­ness, pleasure and light-heartedness.

You’ll lose yourself in my eyes with the first drink
in the ambigu­ity of my gestures and sense of desire — and a touch of impatience?

I, your joy bringer by vocation, come in many forms,
play count­less roles…but all contain eroti­cism and provide an unexpected tingling sensa­tion that penetrates your entire body with relish.

So that I can make my time as an indepen­dent escort in Cologne and Bonn a partic­u­larly enjoy­able experi­ence with you, I would be happy if you read my website carefully and with a smile on your face.

Please don’t tip-toe
Come close, let’s flow
Anchor in me, and get lost at sea
The world’s your oyster and I am the pearl
Open waters
Sink into me slowly
So baby, come and take a swim with me
Make me ripple ‚til I’m wavy
Don’t be scared to dive in deep
And start a tsunami

[ Katy Perry — Tsunami ]

Which wishes may I fulfill you?



For the devoted


For danger seekers


For God in France

Indepen­dent Escort in Cologne

A few words about Cologne

Dear gentle­man,

Both in private and as an escort lady, I look forward to every appoint­ment in beauti­ful Cologne. I love the Rhineland openness and especially the cheer­ful nature of Cologne. At first glance, Cologne hides its beauty and charm behind the rugged facades of post-war archi­tec­ture. But just a few moments later, the details and savoir vivre of the Rhineland make every­one understand:

Cologne is alive

Life pulsates in Cologne. Whether you stroll along the Rhine, cross the square in front of the cathe­dral, squeeze your way through Schilder­gasse or have a coffee on Ehren­strasse — in Cologne there is simply emme wat loss.

Cologne is varied

No matter what mood I’m in — I always find something to do in Cologne. Whether in the hip Ehren­feld with its small boutiques and the fasci­nat­ing pulsa­tion of the young and creative, in the digni­fied Sülz, in the chic Bayen­thal or in the lively Nippes. Whether shopping or relax­ation, urban culture or nature. In Cologne there is simply every­thing — from vintage cloth­ing to designer labels, from large chains to small shops, bistros and restau­rants for lovers. And of course for the evening one or the other wine cellar, a whiskey lounge or, more tradi­tion­ally, the brewery.

What are we doing?

Le Moisson­nier
The restau­rant Le Moisson­nier is really known to every gourmet in Cologne. It combines excel­lent cuisine, the best ingre­di­ents and a grandiose, typically French ambience. The small tables invite you to lively and stimu­lat­ing conver­sa­tions and the service, the somme­lier and the cheese selec­tion for dessert are unrivaled. For me it is the best French restau­rant in Cologne and worth a visit at any time.

Where are we staying?

Big city flair on the Rhine, many restau­rants, bars and clubs offer almost endless possi­bil­i­ties for a date with me. I recom­mend this to you

Hyatt Hotel
It is charac­ter­ized by its central location, stunning design, a unique atmos­phere and a fantas­tic restau­rant. In addition, discre­tion and service are partic­u­larly impor­tant here.

Savoy Hotel
What I like about the very central Savoy is the erotic themed suites, slightly dim and a bit plush … You should­n’t miss the chance of a room with a whirlpool either. Other­wise we will have a good time in the in-house spa. If you want a lot of privacy, there is the possi­bil­ity to book large apart­ments. They are bigger but in the same price range. Our physi­cal well-being is well catered for in the Luciano and Da Damiano within walking distance.

Wasser­turm Hotel
In the Wasser­turm Hotel, I can partic­u­larly recom­mend the Deluxe Maisonette Suites, with a great view and access to the hotel’s round­about. There we can look at the sky with a glass of wine and toast a great evening. I tell you — what Brad Pitt excites should just be good enough for us!

The modern but no less beauti­ful Pullmann Hoteloffers the oppor­tu­nity to go directly to the La Vita restau­rant opposite. And classic Italian is never wrong, right?

The Dorint Hotel is a real business hotel, but very cozy. I especially love the Bar! The ambiance is gener­ally very relaxed, the decor taste­ful and the cocktails heavenly. There is even live music on Satur­day and Sunday evenings!