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[ Katy Perry — Tsunami ]

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For God in France

Indepen­dent Escort in Düsseldorf

A few words about Düsseldorf

Dear gentle­man,

I certainly make no secret of the fact that I have a special affec­tion for my place of birth, Düssel­dorf. So today I would like to intro­duce you to “my” Düssel­dorf and recom­mend a few places that will enrich our visit together.

Where are we staying?

For me, choos­ing a hotel is more than just a “roof over your head”, however elegant the roof may be. I want us to feel comfort­able there and make the most of our time together. In Düssel­dorf you are spoiled for choice …

The Hyatt at the Medien­hafen, for example, luxury on the south­ern tip of Düssel­dorf with a view over the stylish Medien­hafen, can be a wonder­ful start­ing point for a weekend for us.

Also the Steigen­berger Parkho­tel, at the Hofgarten and the Dreis­cheiben­haus, invites us to indulge our senses.

I already mentioned that we will be spoiled for choice, because apart from the two very well-known hotels, there are small and large pearls in Düssel­dorf that are more than worth visit­ing. Perhaps you have already been to the De Medici Hotel? In spirit and design, based on the neigh­bor­hood of the art collec­tion of North Rhine-Westphalia, this house is itself a work of art full of details.

The „me and all hotel“ is differ­ent — it is modern and cozy at the same time and is located between the train station and Königsallee.

What are we doing?

Time together lives from what we have experi­enced together and so I want to give you a few places that are worth visiting.

At first glance, the most impos­ing is the Fernse­hturm, as it towers high above the roofs of the city. There is not only something for the eye up there but also good food. Whether in the sunshine or in the evening backdrop …

A small and fine place, almost an insider tip, is Lauras Deli. There we can have a cozy coffee, test our way through various smooth­ies and then, exhil­a­rated by the vitamin kick, stroll along Königsallee.

The classic Italian Boccon­cino and the atmos­pheric Meerbar at the harbor are also unreserved recom­men­da­tions from me.

But I would like to recom­mend one place to you in partic­u­lar, not just any place — a special one. They say it is the most elegant skyscraper in Germany, it is a World Heritage Site and one of the finest addresses in the city. And there, on the 22nd floor of the Dreis­cheiben­haus, you will find thePhoenix Bar & Restau­rant. And: I’ve never been there …

We should move on while still under the impres­sion of this elegant place. The Apollo Varieté invites you to do so. Maybe you already know about my addic­tion to art and culture.

Let me take you to a place between amuse­ment and acrobatics.

I would like to recom­mend an elegant place to end the evening — the Bar Elling­ton near the train station. There is live jazz music there every third Wednes­day of the month. We absolutely have to watch this together!

Maybe we can end the evening here, it won’t end there for a long time …