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Would you like to feel that excite­ment again as you did before a first date and at the same time set yourself free
from the limits of every­day life?
Get involved with me on an indepen­dent escort date in Dussel­dorf and I will take you there.

Would you like to lose yourself in the eyes of the indepen­dent escort lady with the first drink,
sense in the ambigu­ity of his gestures and desire — and a hint of danger?

As your bringer of joy, I come in many forms
play count­less roles, supple in body and mind.

Please don’t tip-toe
Come close, let’s flow
Anchor in me, and get lost at sea
The world’s your oyster and I am the pearl
Open waters
Sink into me slowly
So baby, come and take a swim with me
Make me ripple ‚til I’m wavy
Don’t be scared to dive in deep
And start a tsunami

[ Katy Perry — Tsunami ]

Which wishes may I fulfill you?



For the devoted


For danger seekers


For God in France

Indepen­dent Escort in Düsseldorf

A few words about Düsseldorf

Dear gentle­man,

I make no secret of the fact that I have a special affec­tion for Düssel­dorf, where I was born, and that is why I partic­u­larly appre­ci­ate escort dates in Düsseldorf.

That’s why I’d like to intro­duce you to “my” Düssel­dorf and suggest a few places that will definitely enrich your date with me!

Where are we staying?

For me, the choice of hotel is more than just a “roof over your head”, however elegant the roof may be. I want us to feel comfort­able there and to make the most of our escort date together. In Düssel­dorf you are spoiled for choice …

25hours- The Tour 

This hotel is more casual and a wonder­ful counter­part to the city’s more chic and sometimes somewhat stiff hotels. 

As a bonus, the hotel has the top restau­rant The Paris Club and the Café la Tour with great, sweet little things that are guaran­teed to put a smile on my face as your Indepen­dent Escort Düssel­dorf. We’ll get even after­wards in one of the free-stand­ing bathtubs on the balcony. Don’t you think? Medium Sky Plus Book a room with your escort date 😉

The Hyatt Medienhafen 

Luxury at the south­ern tip of Düssel­dorf with a view over the stylish Medien­hafen can be found at the Hyatt. This can be a wonder­ful start­ing point for your weekend in Düssel­dorf with an Indepen­dent Escort…

Also the

Steigen­berger Parkho­tel and the Breiden­bacher Hof

at the Hofgarten, the “Kö” and within walking distance of the Dreis­cheiben­haus invite us to indulge our senses. Both hotels have a wellness area and offer tea time with exquis­ite teas and scones. Rarely do I feel so royal as an Indepen­dent Escort Düssel­dorf as I do in these two houses.

Van der Valk Düssel­dorf Airport 

Unexpect­edly one of the best hotels in town, albeit a bit out of town, is the Van der Valk. The upmar­ket Restau­rant Zizou with its courte­ous service and the beauti­ful wellness area under­line the high overall standard, which is also reflected in the spacious suites with panoramic windows and partly free-stand­ing bathtubs.

Here you can spend an entire weekend with an Indepen­dent Escort Date without ever having to leave the hotel.…

Away from the very well-known hotels, Düssel­dorf hides small and larger gems that are more than worth a visit. 

Maybe you have already been to the

Medici Hotel?

In keeping with the spirit and design of the neigh­bour­ing Kunst­samm­lung Nordrhein-Westfalen, this house is itself a work of art full of detail.

Stage 47

Sweet and hidden between large houses and with the house number 47, this hotel shows itself partic­u­larly lovingly furnished. The rooms are spacious and stylish and who would say “no” to a chaise longue, in case the bed becomes too boring…

The Wellem

The former district court with its impres­sive foyer, an Italian restau­ran directly in the house and the excit­ing restau­rant belong­ing to the hotel Mbassy by Franks around the corner is a must for the gentle­man who appre­ci­ates a grand entrance with a beauti­ful Indepen­dent Escort Düssel­dorf lady. The Mbassy proba­bly also has a club section. Shall we go on a search together? 

Last but not least; a very special tip: just outside Düssel­dorf lies the 

Land Gut Höhne

- roman­tic, winding and quaint. The large estate offers restau­rants, an outdoor pool and the most roman­tic Suits, I know!

What are we doing?

There is a lot to experi­ence and do on an indepen­dent escort date in Düssel­dorf. That’s why I have a few small sugges­tions for you — maybe one of them will appeal to you spontaneously 😉

For example the shows in the Capitol Theater, the largest theatre in the state capital Düsseldorf:

Shared time lives from shared experi­ences and so I want to intro­duce you to a few places in more detail that are absolutely worth visiting.

At first glance, the most impos­ing is the Fernse­hturm, it towers far above the rooftops of the city. Not only is there something for the eye up there, but also very good food at the Qomo. Whether in the sunshine or in the evening scenery…

A small and fine place, already almost an insider tip, is Lauras Deli. There we can enjoy a coffee, try out various smooth­ies and then, exhil­a­rated by the vitamin kick, stroll along Königsallee, Düsseldorf’s landmark. 

Still under the impres­sion of this elegant place, we can now move on. The Apollo Varieté is an invita­tion to do so. Maybe you already know about my addic­tion to art and culture. 

Let me take you to a place between amuse­ment and acrobatics.

Instead of classic, would you rather break the ice as a real team?

The Escape room The code agency

deliv­ers puzzles that get under your skin. So far I have solved the “Polter­geist” there — recently there is an Escape Room based on “ES”. For me as a self-confessed creepy fan, an absolute highlight! Not so goose­bump-proof? “Hekate’s Tears” also sounds very exciting!

Where do we eat?

The classic ItalianBoccon­cino and the atmos­pheric Meerbar at the Medien­hafen are unreserved recom­men­da­tions from me.

But there is one other place I would like to recom­mend to you, not just any place — a special place. They say it is the most elegant skyscraper in Germany, it is a World Heritage Site and one of the finest addresses in the city. And there, on the ground floor of the Dreis­cheiben­hauses,you can find thePhoenix Bar & Restau­rant. You are always welcome to take me here as your Indepen­dent Escort Düssel­dorf — the Flora menu is heavenly!

Maybe we can end the evening here, it won’t end there for a long time … 

Many kisses,

Your Indepen­dent Escort Mia