Duo Date — a fulfilled fantasy

by Mia | 24/11/2021 | PILLOW TALK

A toy for two

I drove quite a bit for my duo date with Salomé Estelle. But since my passen­ger was extra­or­di­nar­ily pretty and lovely, the journey flew by. Salomé told me in advance that she would like to appear as a couple with her client and that I should be booked as a “toy”. Salomé told me in advance that she would like to appear as a couple with her client and that I should be booked as a “toy”.

After eating luxuri­ously, we went to the room. Salomé accom­pa­nied me to the bathroom and helped me get myself ready.

Every­thing about me should be perfect for the gentle­man, but I should be prepared in front of his eyes. So Salomé then led me into the bedroom and began to put on the suspenders she had chosen. We could­n’t get the right stockings.

The sight of me stand­ing there obedi­ently and atten­tively in black lingerie in front of the two of them, and Salomé’s fingers gliding over my legs, made the man’s head cinema soar into the immeasurable.

“Mia doesn’t need stock­ings, she’s perfect,”, he urged.

“Now present me who you have brought me here.” He had completely relied on Salomé’s judgment and was completely surprised. Now I should prove myself. I felt myself straighten up a bit — I didn’t want to disgrace Salomé

Take them off. Show them to me”, he breathed, but without taking his eyes off me. “Show me your body. But slowly…

So Salomé began to kiss my shoul­der gently and slide down my bra strap. She had already seen me naked but never really touched me. I saw her desire increase too. Her touch gave me goose bumps and this did not go unnoticed. The customer gave me a superior and challeng­ing smile, but kept his hands to him. Only Salomé was allowed to touch me and she did this extensively.

When my bra fell, he let out a groan. “Wow,” it slipped from him. Now Salomé knelt in front of me and began to open my suspender belt and pull down my panties. As she did so, she turned me so that my front view remained hidden from the customer for an excru­ci­at­ingly long minute.

She grabbed my bum and spread my cheeks to keep the client excited. He clearly liked what he saw and what present she had brought him. Then Salomé pulled me down to kiss me carefully. In doing so, I presented, not entirely invol­un­tar­ily, first glimpses of my most intimate corner and possi­bly bent a few centime­ters more than it would have been neces­sary to reach her lips …

Salomé got up and turned me like a balle­rina on my high heels. I liter­ally felt the gentleman’s eyes on me. But he hadn’t seen enough yet. He asked Salomé to spread my labia with her fingers. I dutifully moved my legs a little further apart, which the customer did not leave uncommented.

“Mia can’t wait to be our toy.” My lips, shiny with moisture, agreed with him. Driven by greed, he touched himself. In order to fully focus his atten­tion and pleasure on me again, Salomé pushed her index finger a tiny bit further into me. I could­n’t suppress an uncon­trolled groan. When she began to lick my moisture off her finger with relish, I knew that nothing would protect me from his lust anymore …


- end of part 1 -

Are you inspired?

Do you want to feel that fulfilled too? Adored and spoiled by several women? Do you want to be the center of a wonder­ful erotic fanatic? Your fantasy with two or even more beauties by your side?
Let your wish come true …