Vanessa Eden — Why Men Pay € 2000 for a Night

by Mia | 18/05/2020 | PILLOW TALK

Passion­ate escort

It was time…

Finally a success­ful book that offers honest insights into a myste­ri­ous indus­try. Vanessa Eden’s debut work came out in 2013. She allows her readers to delve into an unvar­nished truth… and that truth doesn’t need to hide behind embell­ish­ments and makeup. Yes — it’s a wicked world… but is “wicked” the most appro­pri­ate word…?

For me — and also for Vanessa Eden — it is not. It is the fulfill­ment of fantasies, playing with eroti­cism and the influ­ence on those men who can and want to afford an adven­ture with an escort lady. For this reason, I find the view of the indus­try from the inside partic­u­larly important.

»2,000 euros for a night?« Many people are proba­bly asking … »But you can get sex much cheaper!« But that’s what it’s all about. Men don’t just pay for sex, they pay for a strong, erotic and intel­li­gent woman who is not ashamed and comfort­able in her own skin and with her job.

»To be an escort for the fun of eroti­cism and the excite­ment that the job brings with it; the pleasure of the tingling feeling before every new meeting, the sensu­al­ity and the fulfill­ment of your own sexual fantasies — all of that really exists.«

For me it really is. Just like for many other escort ladies.

Being an escort out of passion — unimag­in­able for many.

For me a part of my life. So when I write about escort, I also write about a part of me that I don’t hide from and that I don’t have to hide either. And this is where I see a like-minded person in Vanessa Eden.

I would like to write this article today because I feel the need to clear up preju­dices, to share my own view of this erotic work and to recom­mend Vanessa Eden’s book to every­one who is inter­ested. All those who have preju­dices… All those who want to know more about the indus­try and all those inter­ested who have not yet dared to book an escort lady because they do not know what to expect.

Because they exist, these women who have chosen this profes­sion – or rather this vocation. Choos­ing it of their own free will and for the love of eroticism.

Why do I write it as »Calling«? I don’t mean to say that fate chose this path for me. It’s much more impor­tant to me that I have the prereq­ui­sites, this special erotic charisma, which is not often found and which many appre­ci­ate in me. I’m not talking about my body or sex itself. Because it takes more than just a beauti­ful, well-groomed female body to be a success­ful escort lady.

With and against the wind

»Working as an escort lady has enriched my life incredibly.«

Such words are still met with incom­pre­hen­sion by many, because in addition to the positive aspects of the work, one is still confronted with many clichés in the escort service. The women in the escort indus­try are seen as victims, they are pitied. Others see you as nympho­ma­ni­acs with whom something can’t be right and whose motiva­tion is unclear. I strongly disagree with this position.

»There can be no volun­tary prosti­tu­tion. It is always motivated by finan­cial hardships.« 

»Escort ladies are not allowed to say no to anything and have to be touched by everyone.« 

»You have to overcome yourself for the job and let men humil­i­ate you«

None of this corre­sponds to reality and it certainly does not corre­spond to my personal experi­ence and my own motivation.

But how do such clichés come about?

I see these clichés as being based on the fact that unfor­tu­nately many women still feel restricted in their sexual­ity by social norms. It is precisely these norms that do not allow women to live out their sexual­ity with chang­ing partners. A woman who freely chooses the path as an escort and freely lives out her sexual desires in this way — that is still diffi­cult for many to understand.

I too have had these experi­ences. I was faced with a lack of under­stand­ing for a long time and got the feeling that I should­n’t talk about my work. I experi­enced backbit­ing, preju­dice and suspi­cion. I was lifted onto a pedestal and stared at with blank eyes for doing what I enjoy. I now have enough self-confi­dence to be able to say that I am an intel­li­gent, self-deter­mined, young and attrac­tive woman… and despite this — or precisely because of this — I am an escort lady.

Because I find my personal fulfill­ment in the escort and my work is an impor­tant part of my life.

My job gives me the oppor­tu­nity to live out my sexual­ity, to fulfill my intimate desires and to express myself. It gives me the variety I need.

Even if many cannot imagine this … I enjoy my work, the atten­tion, the desire and being desired, the passion and above all the shared intimacy.

My job brings a lot with it, which almost every­one would like to see in their life.

Vanessa Eden and many other escort ladies are educated and self-confi­dent women. But I’m partic­u­larly impressed by the fact that she talks so openly about the subject and says very clearly: I’m a prosti­tute and I’m not a bit ashamed of it. No, I even enjoy it! That’s why you don’t have to feel sorry for me. But on the contrary. I love eroti­cism, I love hotels and restau­rants, I like being a lady and I like being a bitch. But above all, I am a woman who lives out her passion.

»A motiva­tion for many women to enter the escort service is to break out of every­day life and have a sexual change. Get away from all the social values and plunge into a frowned upon adven­ture. Being a bit of a slut, naughty and wicked. In doing so, live out adven­ture, desire and curios­ity, discover the most beauti­ful hotels and places, meet new people and have inter­est­ing conver­sa­tions, all this enriches the lives of these women.«

With this quote I would like to end my plea, because I could not describe the motives for my entry into the escort service better.