What does it actually mean to be an escort?

May 18, 2020

I’ve thought a lot about the answer to this question over the past few years and have now come to the conclusion that it is time for me to write a little article about it:

Escort has little in common with visiting a brothel.

A brothel is about sex – love for sale and the satisfaction of sexual urges. Instincts – I use this word in this context quite carefully. The escort is more about the satisfaction of sexual needs and the fulfillment of sexual fantasies. Escort ladies are muses and inspiration for sexuality. This is not about the sexual act itself, but about the meaning and promises of eroticism. It’s about something real, about real experiences and expanding one’s sexual horizons.

But how do I describe it all? How do I find the right words?

Some time ago I came across a novel that cast a spell over me:

Delta of Venus – by Anais Nin.

The descriptions of eroticism and sexuality simply spoke from my soul in some passages! Each sentence can be seen and understood as a strong quotation in and of itself. But what makes a fulfilling and erotic sex life and which aspects of it can the escort serve? In my opinion, it is the complex passion that Nin knows how to describe so wonderfully:

»Sexuality cannot flourish in monotony, not without feelings, ideas, whims, surprises in bed.«

Sexuality cannot really do that .. grow and flourish without being stimulated, without receiving new nourishment. Because then sexuality gradually loses its substance and at some point it probably disappears completely – as it does in so many loveless relationships or in too deep loneliness.

This is why it is so essential to stimulate the sexual imagination. Because sexuality needs enough fuel in order not to become dull.

»The sexual event has to mix with tears, with laughter, with words, promises, scenes, jealousy, envy, all the spices of fear, trips to distant lands, new faces, novels, stories, dreams, fantasies, music, dance, opium, wine.«

Once again, Nin aptly describes what it takes for a full sex life. Because sexuality is not just about sex, it is much more than that. Above all, it’s about a passionate, fulfilled way of life that serves all spectrums: reality, fantasy, fiction, emotion and enjoyment (to name just a few).

This is what I am looking for and this is what I want to give to others.

»Leave out everything poetic. Keine Haut hat die gleiche Textur, wie die andere, immer wieder ändert sich die Beleuchtung […] Das Geschlechtliche verliert alle Macht und Magie, wenn es überdeutlich, übertrieben und mechanisch dargestellt, wenn es zur fixen Idee wird. It gets dull.«

It’s also about context and variety. Nin even goes so far as to speak of magic – something that one can neither grasp nor explain nor grasp.

Anais Nin speaks from my soul in many ways. While reading, I often had to pause to think about what sexuality, passion, eroticism and also love mean to me. It also became clearer to me (among other things) why I am so passionate about working as an escort:

It’s the variety, the promise and this magic of eroticism that make my job so exciting for me. And I experience this variety, this promise and this magic not only for myself. I also experience you with my customers, who may feel the same way as I do and are also looking for this form of lust and sexuality in their lives and which we find together in our adventures.

This is what it means to be an escort.

You are both an inspiration and a muse, an object of desire and the desire. You give and receive the fire of passion, live your imagination and help others to live out your own imagination. You are not an everyday occurrence but seek fulfillment in the unique. And every contact is unique, every sexual partner something special. And so in my life as an escort the sexual happenings mixes with everything: with tears, with laughter, with words, promises, scenes … all the spices of fear, trips to distant countries, new faces, novels, stories, dreams, Fantasy, the music, the dance and the wine. It partly actually does it and partly in the imagination – and it is always an enrichment and an inspiration, both for me and for my customers.

»More than any other person I know, we have learned from you how wrong it is to separate sex from emotion, hunger, lust, desire, from moods, whims, personal ties that affect one’s color, one’s taste, change its rhythm, its identity.«

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