Helena Hetaira and Mia test the Satis­fyer Pro 4 Couples

by Mia | 04/25/2021 | PILLOW TALK

Praised, celebrated and recom­mended: We wanted to know whether the Satis­fyer Pro 4 Couples is also an excit­ing and varied source of pleasure for our bodies.

Two hot girls and a much-praised sex toy! Can it live up to our wishes?

Mia Elysia is testing the Satis­fyer Pro 4 Couples

Of course I was very happy when Helena sent me her favorite toy — but I was skepti­cal because I already have three versions of the Satis­fyer and always had a tired smile for them. The essay has to fit too precisely, the right spot has to be found too precisely — just so that it’s too intense.

Then the same problem with the Satis­fyer 4 couples. The attach­ment seems to be even smaller and harder than the others and doesn’t really want to make me happy. Then I try the shaft — it’s a bit uncom­fort­able at first, it’s relatively pointed at the bottom and how should the attach­ment stay on my clitoris at the same time? That thing is way too short! After some trial and error, he then sits and vibrates very pleas­antly in me. So experi­ence with solo sex: mixed.

In couple sex, however, the Satis­fyer scores even less — with a little patience there is room “for two”, but with every push it shifts, slips out and the buttons are “pressed”. It is not pleas­ant for either side — without further ado he is thrown out of bed. The Satis­fyer — not the man 😉 

Mia Elysia Independent Escort on the bed

Helenatalks about her experience

pressure wave vibra­tors? “You can try it out,” I thought, and ordered the Satis­fyer Pro 4 Couples. Supplied with USB charg­ing cable, fortu­nately charg­ing was quite fast.

It started with the shaft inside me and the upper part on my clitoris. Both can be switched on separately. The pressure waves can be adjusted in inten­sity. Unlike a vibra­tor, the pressure waves create a vacuum that feels similar to a skilled mouth sucking and licking the clitoris. I could come from the pressure waves alone…

With the added vibra­tion of the shaft, it got pretty intense. And wet 😉

Less than a minute before the first orgasm. The pressure waves put every vibra­tor in the shade for me, the shaft is the icing on the cake for me. I love this thing!

PS The test includ­ing partner is still pending, but I also use the Satis­fyer Pro 4 Couples for myself all the time for other purposes 😉

Helena Hetaira Escort